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“Never confuse motion with action.”

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Events in Communities

Keep Our Republic is proud to work at the local level with tailored programs, targeted outreach, and advisors in each state. We do not have a “one size fits all” model because counties administer elections and each operates with its own procedures and methods.

Americans from all backgrounds have questions about how their elections are administered. Answering these questions must start with open conversations in communities and with respect to the localized nature of our democracy.

In 2023, we collaborated with county clerks, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, voting machine vendors, and local civic partners to help demystify how elections are administered in Brown, Chippewa, and La Crosse counties. Residents came with questions and our panelists came with answers. Our sessions are an opportunity not just for neighbors to meet neighbors but also a chance to hear what happens after they cast their ballot on Election Day.

Building on the positive responses and invitations by more Wisconsin counties, Keep Our Republic is hosting Trust in Elections conversations in Michigan and Pennsylvania communities as well. We provide forums for citizens to hear directly from their county leadership, legal and other experts about how their counties administer elections. Providing these connections creates open dialogue and promotes transparency in the elections process.

Working with the Legal Community

Keep Our Republic has engaged in extensive education of the legal community in Pennsylvania because of the numerous lawsuits related to nearly all aspects of election administration. Working with law schools, county bar associations, and the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, we have conducted seminars led by members of our Pennsylvania Advisory Council.

Our continued legal education seminars have expanded from the Commonwealth to Michigan and Wisconsin. Keep Our Republic’s board and advisory council members include former governors, former U.S. Senators, former federal judges, and former U.S. attorneys, legal experts and professors. We offer these resources, thought leadership, and practical guidance to attorneys who may navigate the unconventional threats facing our election system. By staying up-to-date on election integrity issues, legal practitioners play a crucial role in protecting the democratic process.

In addition to organizing seminars with law schools, bar associations, and the legal community, Keep Our Republic has assembled a group of legal scholars who are analyzing important issues that could arise in the post-election period and bringing them to public attention for thoughtful debate.

Innovative Partnerships

Keep Our Republic has forged strategic partnerships that enable us to provide programming in collaboration with local governments, civic groups and other organizations, as well as academic institutions.

We continue our collaborative relationship with Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law and welcome planning with Cooley Law School this year. Keep Our Republic has partnered with Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy at Wayne State University Law School and welcomed opportunities to have experts in panel discussions such as with University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and hosted by The Dick Thornburgh Forum for Law & Public Policy. In 2023, our partnership with the Ford Leadership Forum at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation enabled first of its kind programming in Michigan.

Keep Our Republic is also at the table with other non-partisan and bi-partisan groups working to address political violence, AI and election security, support participation in our democracy and strengthen our republic.

Research and Resources

Keep Our Republic is honored to form research partnerships to further understand issues we are facing and actively work to strengthen and protect our democracy. Among those partners are the State Democracy Research Initiative at the University of Wisconsin Law School and Pennsylvania’s Dickinson College.

Partnership with Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion supports civil conversations to understand voters’ concerns in today’s partisan political climate, and Keep Our Republic is grateful to host research internship opportunities, including with students from Dickinson College and Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University.

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