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“Democracy Is Always Fragile & Always Close to Collapse – It’s A Human Endeavor”

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Episode 1: “Never Questioned, Now Crucial: The Integrity Of Our Elections”

The inaugural episode features a candid conversation with former Congressman and House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Gephardt. He reveals that before the 2020 election he never was worried about the state of American democracy, “I ran for Congress 14 times, and it never crossed my mind in all those elections that the election would not be fair and honest.”

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Episode 2: “Democracy 101; The Power of Civic Education”

Governor Corbett’s participation in the KOR podcast offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our democracy. His unwavering commitment to public service and his insights into the complexities of election administration based on his experience in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are truly invaluable as we prepare for the 2024 election cycle.

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Episode 3: Diplomacy Unveiled: An Ambassador's Journey

Join us in this illuminating episode as we sit down with Ambassador Deborah McCarthy, a distinguished diplomat with a career spanning across continents. With a background that includes pivotal roles both behind the scenes with organizations like Keep Our Republic and representing the United States in numerous countries, Ambassador McCarthy brings a unique perspective to the world of diplomacy.

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Episode 4: Lessons from the Bench: Insights from Judge Cindrich

In this episode, join the If We Can Keep It podcast as we delve into the remarkable life and insights of Judge Bob Cindrich, a distinguished figure whose journey from a coal mining town to the courtroom illuminates the values of public service and unwavering dedication to justice. Judge Cindrich shares his experiences, from serving as a public defender to his tenure on the bench, providing a firsthand account of the evolution of the judiciary’s role in American politics. Join us as we explore Judge Cindrich’s journey and the enduring legacy of his commitment to the rule of law and the preservation of a just and fair society.

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Episode 5: In the Courtroom and Beyond: U.S. Attorneys Making a Difference

Step into the legal arena with host Ari Mittleman on the latest episode of If We Can Keep It, where he sits down with esteemed guests John Vaudreuil and David Hickton in a riveting conversation titled “In the Courtroom and Beyond: U.S. Attorneys Making a Difference.” In this episode, we explore the compelling journey that led John and David into the legal profession, particularly focusing on their impactful roles as U.S. attorneys. From the challenges of a bustling family life to the profound impact U.S. attorneys have on communities, we delve into a comprehensive and sincere exploration of the individuals shaping justice in and out of the courtroom. Don’t miss this engaging episode that highlights the meaningful contributions of U.S. attorneys and provides valuable insights into the complexities of the legal landscape, perfect for aspiring lawyers and curious minds alike.

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Ari Mittleman

Meet Your Host

Ari Mittleman serves as the Executive Director of Keep Our Republic. He is a native of Pennsylvania, but resides in suburban Maryland.

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