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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has made a historic ruling in regard to mail-in ballots throughout the state.

FOX56’s Jake Sarwar sat in on a press conference this morning and even spoke with a political commentator to learn more about what this means for November 8th.

“I think this is a historic election in my lifetime, there are maybe three elections that rank with this in terms of what’s at stake” says Chuck Volpe of the Volpe Report.

Keep Our Republic is a non-partisan, non-profit civic action organization dedicated to protecting a republic of laws in addition to strengthening the checks and balances of the electoral system.

The organization calls on patience during election season, so that every vote can be counted fairly.

Three former federal judges, spoke this morning at a press conference laying out important information, including the historic ruling made yesterday that says any incorrectly dated or undated ballots will not count.

“My former court issued a ruling that said it would be interfering with the right to vote and not to count those votes. It is not a material requirement; it would have nothing to do with the validity of the ballot itself” says The Honorable, Retired Senior Judge of the 3rd Circuit Court, Tom Vanaskie.

Chuck Volpe of the Volpe Report tells me about the ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is monumental because ballots that reflect no date or wrong dates, counted in the 2020 election but will not this time.

“This is a result of a lawsuit that was filed by the National Republican Committee, the State Republican Committee, as well as key leaders in the Republican led House and Senate in Pennsylvania” says Volpe.

Volpe said that the United States Supreme Court was mute on the issue and wanted to leave it up to the state to decide.

Everyone I spoke with today says that the most important thing is to make sure you research your candidates, and then head on out on November 8th and cast your vote.