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“Democracy Is Always Fragile & Always Close to Collapse – It’s A Human Endeavor”

WASHINGTON, DC – Keep Our Republic (KOR) is thrilled to announce the launch of the organization’s new podcast series If We Can Keep It, hosted by KOR Executive Director Ari Mittleman. The podcast aims to spark informed discussions on the challenges facing American democracy and the solutions that can help preserve it.

About If We Can Keep It

Mittleman said, “If We Can Keep It isn’t just a forum for intellectual discussions; it’s a catalyst for real solutions. KOR is convening experts across the political spectrum with a diverse range of experience —from former elected officials to legal scholars and retired judges.” Mittleman continued, “What unites our guests is their dedication to educating Americans on our electoral processes and their active involvement to fortify our democracy.”

Episode 1: “Never Questioned, Now Crucial: The Integrity Of Our Elections”

The inaugural episode features a candid conversation with former Congressman and House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Gephardt. He reveals that before the 2020 election he never was worried about the state of American democracy, “I ran for Congress 14 times, and it never crossed my mind in all those elections that the election would not be fair and honest.”  This underscores the urgency for every American to understand the electoral process, because that’s the best defense in stopping harmful lies and misinformation from spreading. KOR is on a mission to enhance voter trust by providing accurate information in communities about the integrity and reliability of our voting system.

There Isn’t American Democracy Without Compromise 

Gephardt emphasizes the resilience of American democracy, particularly during the 2020 election: “Why was it ultimately successful? Because key electoral officials, all Republicans, stood against enormous pressure to not call this thing honestly. They put country over party and country over self when the chips were down.” This bipartisan spirit is at the core of KOR’s mission. Comprised of former elected officials from both sides of the aisle, KOR champions the idea that protecting American democracy must come before any partisan views. By fostering compromise and focusing on shared values, KOR is committed to rebuilding trust among voters and ensuring the integrity of the 2024 election cycle.  

Join The If We Can Keep It Conversation & Get Involved In Democracy

Listeners are invited to join the If We Can Keep It conversation and are also encouraged to take an active role in democracy and in your community. Gephardt encouraged listeners to volunteer for campaigns, run for public office, or even become election workers. “The main thing is that all of us make a decision that we’re going to do this in whatever way we’re comfortable, in whatever way we can do it. It takes all of us,” he says.