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Democracy 101: Bolstering Civic Education Crucial to Democracy’s Success

WASHINGTON, DC – Keep Our Republic (KOR) is excited to release Democracy 101; The Power of Civic Education” the second episode from the If We Can Keep It podcast series hosted by KOR Executive Director Ari Mittleman featuring former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. Mittleman shared, “Governor Corbett’s participation in the KOR podcast offers a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our democracy. His unwavering commitment to public service and his insights into the complexities of election administration based on his experience in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are truly invaluable as we prepare for the 2024 election cycle.”

Planning for Emergencies

A focal point of episode two is Governor Corbett’s insights on the fragility of democracy, especially in the aftermath of elections. He reflects on the challenges the election administration presents to state and local leaders. Drawing from his experience, Corbett underscores the paramount importance of Americans having trust in the electoral system. Governor Corbett shares his experience during his tenure with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency during crises like Superstorm Sandy, highlighting the delicate balance of emergency powers for state leaders.

Public Education is Key 

Governor Corbett also emphasizes the critical role of public education in rebuilding trust in the American electoral process. Corbett shared, “We need to educate the people and try to rebuild the trust of the people in the election system. It has been continually eroding to a certain extent. Technology helps the recording of the votes, but.. technology is also helping to erase or degrade the trust that people had in the system 10, 15, 20 years ago.”

About If We Can Keep It & Join the Conversation 

The podcast aims to spark informed discussions on the challenges facing American democracy and the solutions that can help preserve it. Listeners are invited to join the If We Can Keep It conversation – use the hashtag #IfWeCanKeepItKOR across social media – and are also encouraged to take an active role in democracy and in your community. Governor Corbett shared that it’s critical for everyone to immerse themselves in democracy “It’s essential that we all step up and contribute in any capacity. Our collective efforts are crucial for the preservation of our democracy.” That includes everything from volunteering for campaigns, running for public office, or becoming election workers.