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 Letters: Readers on violence against election workers – The Detroit News

The Detroit News
Published 8:14 p.m. ET Jan. 16, 2024

When did threats of violence, harassment and personal harm become commonplace? There is absolutely never a time when this behavior is acceptable, so I was appalled to read about
an alleged death threat against Oakland County elections director Joe Rozell (“‘Hanged for treason’ remark against Michigan election official under investigation,” Jan. 9).

Since the 2020 election, threats of violence and personal harm to election officials and poll workers have increased at an alarming rate. The threat against Rozell is the latest example
of the troubling trend that will likely continue —and possibly increase —through the November general election. But it never should have gotten to this.

False claims of voter fraud and bullying of election officials is at an all-time high. Our freedom to vote depends on ordinary people who make sure every election runs smoothly
and everyone’s vote is counted. Yet false claims by deniers have led to these ordinary people, who I think of as election heroes, to be threatened, intimidated and punished for doing their
jobs remarkably well. Being unhappy with the result of an election is not validation for threats and violence.

Now more than ever, we must come together as one republic and condemn political violence and threats to our election workers.
No one should feel scared or threatened from doing their job with integrity.

David Trott
Member, Keep Our Republic Michigan Advisory Council and Former U.S. Rep., Michigan’s 11th District