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GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – People have their eye on next year’s election, which will be hotly contested, and if recent history is any indication, the subject of controversies, real or manufactured.

To hopefully guard against that and avoid a repeat of 2020, Wisconsin has joined the ranks of a bi-partisan group that aims to protect and shore up confidence in elections.

The state chapter of Keep Our Republic launched in June. Among its projects is holding meetings around the state to educate people about how elections work, why they are secure, and what threats exist to our democracy.

The national non-profit organization was founded in the wake of January 6, and features people from both sides of the aisle, making it a non-partisan group

The director of the state chapter is former Republican State Senator Kathy Bernier who spoke out against fellow Republicans that were spreading misinformation about the 2020 election. She also spent 13 years running elections as the Chippewa County Clerk.

The chapter will hold another public meeting Wednesday night in La Crosse; they currently have ten scheduled.

In the video above, we are joined by the director of Keep Our Republic’s Wisconsin Chapter, Kathy Bernier.