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It’s being described as a hyper-localized community engagement seminar aimed to educate the La Crosse-area community on Wisconsin’s election process.

The group, Keep Our Republic, is putting on the seminar, which will happen at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the La Crosse County Administrative Center in La Crosse.

Former Wisconsin Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson joined WIZM’s La Crosse Talk on Monday to talk about election integrity.

Helping host the event will be Keep Our Republic’s state director Kathy Bernier, Wisconsin advisory council members Lee Rasch, who is the executive director of LeaderEthics-Wisconsin, and former Wisconsin state Assembly Speaker, Mike Huebsch.

Also in attendance will be Wisconsin Election Commission administrator Meagan Wolfe, La Crosse County clerk Ginny Dankmeyer and La Crosse city clerk Nikki Elsen, as well as other La Crosse community members.

Wednesday’s seminar will feature county clerks, village clerks and election officials as presenters. These election experts will provide comprehensive information about the entire electoral process. This includes educating on the processes of pre-election, election day and post-election.

Members of the La Crosse-area community are encouraged to join. Those who attend the seminar will deepen their understanding of the electoral process and share vital election information with their fellow community members.

That participation will further strengthen Keep Our Republic’s collective efforts in promoting a clear understanding of the entire electoral process and foster election transparency within the community and beyond.

This is the third in a series of events that Keep Our Republic will host across Wisconsin.

These community engagement seminars are designed to foster trust, respect and confidence in Wisconsin’s election administration. They will also provide an opportunity for Wisconsin residents to gain valuable insights into the post-Election Day process, including the crucial aspects of canvassing and certification of votes.